• General Overview
    Sponge, as a functional material with excellent elasticity, breathability, and water absorption, is constantly driving the development of various industries. It can be applied in various fields such as furniture manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, medical treatment, and sound insulation treatment. The application of sponge can provide comfortable touch and support for products. Runfu Company has professional research and manufacturing capabilities in the following sponge application fields. 

  • Electronic sponge
    It is widely used in acoustic products, such as headphones, earmuffs, and speakers, to improve sound wave transmission performance and product comfort.

  • Wire protection sponge

    It is used for wire protection on products such as automobiles to protect wires from the impact of vibration.

  • Sound insulation and thermal insulation sponge

    It plays a role in sound insulation and thermal insulation in buildings. It is a sponge material that can absorb noise and reduce propagation. It is also commonly used for sound insulation treatment in audio rooms, recording studios, and other places, fully utilizing the porous structure characteristics of sponge to effectively absorb sound waves and reduce noise pollution.

  • Packaging sponge

    It is used as an inner lining in various packaging boxes to protect products and reduce vibration during transportation.

  • Ice sponge

    It is applied to various furniture, headphone covers, and other contact surfaces with the human body, thereby improving the comfort of the product.

  • Filter sponge

    Because sponges have porous properties, they can filter air and water.

  • Printer sponge accessories

    The printing ink cartridge and toner cartridge use sponge accessories. Through the porous properties of the sponge, ink and toner can seep out as needed.

  • Medical sponge

    The medical protective mask uses a sponge headband. It utilizes the excellent water absorption and breathability of sponge, which can promote comfort and cleanliness when wearing protective masks.


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